RF Explorer WSUB1G

Compact Spectrum Analyser, 240-960 MHz (DAV: Sub 1 Gigahertz). Batterij gevoede, prijsbewuste field spectrum analyzer in het gbied van ondermeer draadloze microfoons, IEM systemen en andere DAV verbindingen. Metalen behuizing, LCD scherm, USB.

RF Explorer is een zeer gevoelig meetinstrument. krachtige RF signalen kunnen een onbeschermde RF Explorer beschadigen, ONGEACHT in welke frequentieband en ONGEACHT of de RF Explorer aan staat. Lees de bijsluiter !

De RF Explorer is online te koop


RF Explorer is an affordable Handheld Spectrum Analyzer designed from scratch to be a sort of Swiss Army Knife for the specific needs of ISM band digital communication.
Commercial high-end spectrum analyzers are traditionally (extremely) expensive and bulky, in the order of many thousand dollars, and you need significant expertise to master them. Additionally, as they are general purpose devices, using them for monitoring on-air wireless audio systems will typically require additional modules or expensive software. RF Explorer offers 90% of what a high cost unit will do for the UHF wireless mic frequency band, at 5% of the cost. Additionally, it offers some specific features no other commercial spectrum analyzer does.


RF Explorer currently supported workflows

  • Monitor continuous wave (CW) and temporary transmissions in specific ISM band.
  • Detect whether a device is transmitting in the expected frequency and with expected power
  • Check whether an antenna or amplifier change makes a difference in power, orientation and noise
  • Detect band occupancy to move your wireless mics to a different channel
  • Works completely automatic so you do not need to be an expert to use it. It will resolve RBW, Sweep time, for you.
  • Offer spectrum data in Normal, Average, Peak Maximum calculator modes
  • Open source PC client software for Windows and Mac OSX, unlimited capture and post-processing storage (3rd part software)
  • Optimized for all worldwide Sub-1Ghz ISM bands: Any frequency between 240 and 960Mhz, including 433Mhz, 868Mhz or 915Mhz.
  • Alternate models / optional extension modules for 2.4Ghz (Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi) with specific WiFi Analyzer functionality. 



  • Pocket size and light weight
  • Solid aluminum metal case
  • Spectrum Analyzer mode with Peak Max, Normal and Averaging modes
  • Support all sub-1Ghz ISM bands (from 240 to 960MHz) and/or 2.4Ghz ISM band (Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, etc) (model dependant)
  • Lifetime free firmware upgrades available, open to community requested features
  • High capacity Lipo for 16hs+ of continuous run, rechargeable by USB
  • Windows PC client Open Source
  • Internal expansion port for optional extensions with RF Explorer Expansion Modules


Currently available in five models, based on frequency range:

  • WSub1G: 240-960MHz (model on this page, for wireless mics, IEM etc)
  • 433M: 430-440Mhz
  • 868M: 860-890Mhz
  • 915M: 910-920Mhz
  • 2.4G: 2350-2550MHz (also available in NL for modellers

Current Expansion Modules available:

  • RFEMWSub1G: 240-960MHz
  • RFEM2.4G: 2350-2550MHz

Graphics LCD 128x64 pixels, great visibility outdoors
Backlight for great indoor visibility
Standard SMA 50 ohms connector
Matching antenna included for selected frequency band
Amplitude resolution: 0.5dBm
Dynamic range: -115dBm to 0dBm (depends on the model)
Absolute Max input power: +5dBm
Average noise level (typical): -115dBm (depends on the model)
RF Generator amplitude: -30dBm to 21dBm (depends on the model)
Included matched and calibrated antenna
Frequency stability and accuracy (typical): +-10ppm
Amplitude stability and accuracy (typical): +-3dBm
Frequency resolution: 1Khz
Frequency Span: 112KHz - 100MHz (depends on the model)
Resolution bandwidth (RBW): automatic 2.6Khz to 800Khz (depends on the model)

Weight: 185g
Size: 113x70x25 mm



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