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Introducing RF|Scout

RF|Scout is a low-cost, innovative Spectrum Monitoring solution for engineers, theatres, broadcast studio's and all other venue's frequented by wireless systems like wireless mics, intercom systems, IFB, IEM's and all other production tools.

Realtime Radio Frequency Spectum information

Do you want to know which part of the RF spectrum is occupied, and which parts are free to use? No theortetical lists but real data, real time on what is available for your wireless mics, camera's, IEM's, intercoms or any other wireless production tool's? Thats exactly what RFScout offers!
Real data, no lists
Before today the basis for everyday spectrum info were theoretical lists of physical radio & TV broadcast stations. Unfortunately these lists ignore all other real life emission sources,  how up to date the lists are or how bad the interference actually is.

RF|Scout visualizes the whole spectrum right there and then for exactly your location, from 108MHz to 2.7GHz, so not only the wireless-mic critical UHF bands, but also VHF, DECT, 4G & 5G intergaps, Wifi/2.4 etc.
RF|Scout is multi-access and works on any tablet, laptop and/or desktop. A theatre can thus show RFScouts spectum scans on a screen backstage, offer access to a visiting engineer, and monitor from the backoffice or actually from anywhere in the world for that matter.

Take it one step further and visiting engineers can be given access days before arriving at your venue, giving them all means to do their frequency allocation based in true information from the venue they will be visiting soon.

Low Cost
"For the cost of a cup of coffee per day". It has been our goal from the very first day to make the RF|Scout so affordable that literately every venue can have one. All thats required additionally is an open internet connection* and the compact RF|Scout Node, which is placed near the stage or studio-floor.

*nothing fancy: the dataload of the RF|Scout Node is almost negligible.
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The Base Spectrum Info

The basic screen provides a clear, uncluttered view of the RF Spectrum, right there and then. It shows the regional DVB-T TV stations, local transmitters, ENG crews or simply any other RF source. And of course where spectrum is free to use, without interference. Realtime. Simple.
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Keep it simple
RF Scout Markers

The RF|Scout Admin can place markers on specific spot frequencies or frequency ranges, e.g. wireless mic/intercoms systems of the house, or known local DVBT transmitters. This helps immensly with instant situational awareness and identify area's to avoid.
These markers belong to the particular RF|Scout Node, and each user can turn them On or Off at will.
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Make it sweet
Private Markers

Each User also has his own set of "Private Markers". Ideal for labeling your very own wireless systems or other specific frequencies of interest. Also, your Private Markers travel with you from one RF|Scout venue to the next RF|Scout , making deployment of your traveling system a breeze.
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Make it easy
TV Channel layover

MHz or TV channel? Both are used when communicating about frequencies, so we made the MHz always present at the bottom of the graph, but with the TV Channel Overlay you also know your channel whereabouts. Per user selectable On or Off, and of course if you prefer the PAL/8MHz system of the NTSC/6MHz channel layout.
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What Happened?
The Delta Trace

The Delta Trace gives you the difference between the Realtime scan and a pre-selected one. Sounds simple, but its a very powerfull feature!
A straight Blue line? Then all is as expected. Any change (a transmitter that should have been there but isn't, or the other way around: a new transmitter you didn't expect yet its there) and the divergent Blue Delta Trace will immediately grab your attention.
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5 Users

Each RF|Scout provides access for up to five concurrent users, anytime and from any location. From the venue, from home, or from Sydney if you like. Thats beside the Hotlinks.....
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Guest Users

Visiting guest engineers? With a simple click send a Hotlink invitation and grant the guest temporary access to your local RF|Scout! And all there, with your set of RF|Scout Markers, so he can deploy his wireless system faster and more accurately when visiting your venue next week

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Export to WWB / WSM e.a.

RF|Scout creates CSV (real time data), CSV-Peak en PNG (graphic) exports for exchange of scandata with programs like Shure's Wireless Work Bench.


RF|Scout "One cup of Coffee per day!"

Our ambition has always been "This solution must be (financially) accessible for any venue or location. Say, like the cost of one cup of coffee per day"

The RF|Scout solution is a subscription form at a cost of only €2,72 per day ex VAT. This includes 5 user accounts, 3 HotLink user accounts, all mentioned features (no additional in-game purchases :-) and usage of the RFS-Node hardware we'll send you on loan*. For more details please visit the ordering page.

Note: We ship worldwide at UPS Standard cost, please do not hesitate to contact us for a shipping quote before ordering.

RF|Scout PoE power supply (optional)
RF|Scout PoE power supply (optional)€ 40

The RFS-Node is powered over ethernet from a PoE+ Switch (IEEE 802.3at compatible). Alternatively, we can supply this low cost seperate PoE+ inserter for anyone now having a compliant PoE switch.

Disclaimer: RF|Scout is always under development. AEM reserves the right to alter, add, delete or seperate any feature or aspect of RF|Scout solution and/or RFS-Node hardware. No rights can be derived from the information provided on this page or website.